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Gaye K.

Just moved to Houston and needed an eye doctor. Dr Ullman and his staff are awesome, sweet and welcoming. Super helpful staff and patient following me around the office while I picked out frames (I'm alittle picky)great selection too. Dr Ullman answered all my questions to help me take care of my aging eyes. Thanks for all the great reviews on Yelp to help me find my new eye doctor in my new town.


Nicci G.

I had a very good experience with Dr. Ullman's office. The girls up front were very kind and patient in working with my insurance company to get benefits verified. Dr Ullman was extremely thorough and explained all of my eye exam results as he completed them. He gave me several options to consider, in regards to my dry eyes and irritations. I guess the most impressionable part of the entire appointment was when Dr Ullman said he wanted to see me back in 1 month to review my progress and reassess any treatment plans if necessary. I guess it surprised me because I've never had an eye doctor schedule a follow-up appointment after a basic yearly exam, they just send you on your way and hope things worked out for you. All in all I was very happy with Dr Ullman and will keep him as my new eye doctor.


Lora K.

I am so glad that I found Dr. Ullman. The Yelp reviews that supported my decision to go there were spot on. He was extremely thorough. He is not just trying to get people in and out - it is clear he wants to ensure they are getting the best possible service around.



I love everything about this office! Everyone is super nice, including the optician, and Dr Ullman. He's very thorough without being intimidating. He has a wonderful bedside manner that I haven't been able to find with the chain optometrists around town.

I've found my eye guy!! :)


Audrey H.

I had a corneal scratch on my eye awhile back (like two years) and he's the only Optometrist I've met who shot straight with me. He said it was my contact brand that was causing the scratch (I seemed to get one once a year) and not long after that brand was recalled. He was right because I haven't had a problem since.


Jason A.

Most thorough eye appointment I've ever had. Dr. Ullman is a good guy too. I couldn't be happier. Far superior to 20-minute appointments at a national chain. Make your appointment now!


Chris W.

They say even the best eye docs need an eye doc and this place has him, Dr. Ullman. From his rotating eye charts ( so you can't cheat) to what some would call great bedside manner, I found him years ago but opted to go elsewhere. I am glad I returned. Very down to earth and his appointments are on time; no 45 min wait past your appointment to see the doc, the schedule lady keep you prompt

Good glassware selection with all the top brands available and plenty of free parking too.


Paige S.

Very good experience.  Very friendly staff. Dr. Ullman is professional, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to.  I had to bring my 7 month old son to the appointment, and was very concerned about the reaction I would get.  Nobody in the office batted an eyelash about the fact that I had a wriggly baby on my lap the entire time.  All of the staff welcomed me and my baby with open arms.  (Literally!  His nurse held my son while I was putting on my contact lenses!)

One other important point is that nobody in the office pressured me to purchase frames or contacts from them.  I did end up ordering my year supply of lenses from Dr. Ullman since the cost was the same as 1-800-Contacts,  but he wasn't pushy at all.   That fact alone has driven me away from other optometrists in the past, so I was very pleased about this.

I've bounced around from optometrist to optometrist, never really  being totally satisfied, but will definitely come back to Dr. Ullman.


Brett S.

Dr. Ullman is a breath of fresh air. He is exactly the doctor that I've been looking for.He is honest, has integrity, is professional but friendly and personable. He explains thing in an understandable way. I'm very happy with my glasses and with the experience of seeing him. I plan to return to Dr. Ullman when necessary.  


Dr. Ullman is a cheerful and a thorough fellow. He took a few extra minutes out of his day to show me the 3d-scans he's made of my macular region and to explain the anatomy of that region. He also gave me a bunch of free eyedrops (and if you buy eyedrops you know they're expensive!). I ended up buying contact lenses from him as well, because the price per pack was very comparable with the online places.

So, he's definitely my go-to OD here in houston


I needed my yearly eye and contact lens exam and found Dr. Ullman on yelp.  I have previously had some problems with my contact lenses and had several questions.  Dr. Ullman answered all of my questions and did not make me feel rushed.  He was very thorough and spent a lot of time with me explaining the results of the tests he took and showing me images of my eyes.  Everything was fine with my eyes but he wanted to show me the results.  I appreciate that time he took with me and will definitely be back annually.


Dr. Ullman is great!  Definitely the best eye doctor I've ever seen.

I initially went because I needed contacts and a new pair of glasses.  When I met Dr. Ullman, I gave him my eye history and told him that I've always had problems with sensitivity, dry eye, etc.  He did some tests that I've never had before, and took some pictures of my eyes which he later showed me.  It was really eye-opening (ha ha ha) to see the problems for myself, and with Dr. Ullman's help, my eyes have drastically improved.

One major advantage of seeing Dr. Ullman is his willingness to spend as much time as necessary with you.  He doesn't overload himself with patients, so if he wants to put some tinted drops in your eyes and take some pictures, he'll do it!  If there is another test that can be done, he'll do it!  Other doctors tend to associate their patients with dollar signs - the more patients crammed into one day, the more $$$.  Dr. Ullman is different.  He has obviously been doing this for many years, is an expert in his field, and seems to truly care about his patients' eye health.


Been going here for the past two years and I really like the feel of this office. Friendly staff and thorough service.


Dr. Ullman is great!  I was skeptical, at first, due to the building's appearance- even contemplated canceling my appointment and going elsewhere. SO glad I kept my appointment with them. Extremely professional, very courteous, and takes the time to teach you about your specific issues.  The staff also took the time to walk through my insurance coverage to find out where I could maximize my benefits and save money.


I came here because it was the closest place to where I live, but I was pleasantly surprised by the care and professionalism with Dr. Ullman. Having been to more than four eye doctors in the past 10 years, I can say Dr. Ullman and his staff have been the best.

My vision has changed drastically over the past couple years and they took their time with me and explained what had happened and why certain products would be good for me or not good for me. I learned a lot and walked out with a fresh pair of contacts feelings like I suddenly had a new super-power: excellent vision!


Linda B

Dr. Ullman is the best! I am so glad I found him! He was very caring and conscientious, and patiently tested my vision with various lenses to ensure my prescription would be correct.

After years of trying glasses, contacts, and two Lasik surgeries, I can finally see well. I love my bifocal contacts - they fit properly (my last contacts floated off my eye) and I can now tell whether that blurry thing on the floor is a bug or a leaf.

The staff is very helpful and professional, and Rick was great explaining the eye tests he was performing.

It was definitely worth driving in from Spring, TX, for Dr. Ullman to examine my eyes. I definitely recommend him!!!


The place looks unassuming at first, but give this optometrist a chance-- he knows what he's doing. I came here as his office isn't too far from where I live. The work is competent and he and his staff are pretty friendly, just be prepared to wait a bit, and when being fitted for glasses/contacts, be prepared to wait for those, too. Price-wise, he is not bad, either. Facility is clean. He is also open on Saturdays, but only til 1 or 2.


I am happy that I came here.  The doctor and staff were very nice and knowledgeable.  I tend to ask a lot of questions because I like to know what's going on, and everyone was very patient & thorough in their explanations.  There were numerous tests done on my eyes/vision that I've never had done before and I feel like my eye health was checked more thoroughly than it had ever been.  This is a good thing because as with any disease/health issue, the earlier you catch it, the easier it is to fix/treat.  I will definitely be coming back

Richard Ullman OD

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  • "Dr. Ullman is a breath of fresh air. He is exactly the doctor that I've been looking for. He is honest, has integrity, is professional but friendly and personable."
    Houston, TX

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